I've been following Ryan Boot aka Ryan HC for a couple of years now and have heard his songs and videos go from strength to strength. So I hit him up for an interview to share him with the world. Meet Ryan HC.


Who is Ryan Boot as a HipHop artist?

I go by the stage name of Ryan HC and just so everyone knows, the H and C are just the first letters of my middle names. No real hard out meaning but i did that because my last name never really felt like it was mine since my dad left at quite a young age and my step father has been there for me. Ryan HC as a hiphop artist, well I want to make music that people like generally and I want to make my friends and family proud of me as well as give advice and tell stories in a catchy way and I think people will start to see more of this when ‘Diary Of Alcohol’ is released.

When did you start and what inspired you to make music?

I first started making music only in October, 2013 and by that i mean when i really first started, like the first musically inclined not even a track I ever made, I just rapped over an old freshman XXL cypher beat and just did it for fun and to challenge myself.When I first started I didn’t aspire to be much, I use to sing along and rap to other songs, memorise all the lyrics ect and I thought ‘I can do this’ turns out it was a lot harder than I thought, but i stuck to it and i believe I'm getting better everyday and always learning. You never stop learning. My friends and family now inspire me to make music and I draw from them for inspiration write and create my songs.

How would you describe your music in one sentence?

Stories about my life and a journey

What sets you apart from other acts/groups?

I think what sets me apart is that the people that listen to my music really appreciate it and the messages and stories I tell people can really relate too which is getting harder to find in Hip Hop type of music these days. I don’t talk about guns ect I keep it real.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

I’d have to say my latest song ‘Lay You Down’ it’s realistically my first song that I have released. The others have been stepping stones on the journey to the mixtape ‘Diary Of Alcohol’.‘Lay You Down’ is currently Number 7 on the audience wildcard chart and the response from fans and friends is just amazing and the support I get because of that one song is truly amazing, my whole group of friends changed their cover photos on Facebook to support me and that means the world to me. Whether it’s 1 person sharing my song or 1000’s I'm grateful for everyone of them and I got a taste of that with ‘Lay You Down’

Where do you come from or what part of NZ do you represent?

That’s a tricky question for me. I was born in Hamilton but went to boarding school in New Plymouth. New Plymouth is home for me though and everyone who knows me well, knows this and i recently moved back to New Plymouth from Wellington where i was previously living.Half my family lives in Christchurch too so all around New Zealand but to some it up I’m from Hamilton technically but in my eyes I'm from New Plymouth and that’s what I represent.

Do you produce your own beats or do you use any particular beat maker?

I now produce all my own beats by myself

Whats your favourite and least favourite thing about Hip-Hop culture?

My favourite thing about Hip-Hop culture in New Zealand is how kind of tight the music community is, like if someone is really trying to make music most people know about it and support it which is great. My least favourite thing would have to be the persona people give and this isn’t really common in New Zealand but worldwide international artists mainly act almost as if they’re not normal people anymore. It surprises me when artist show that they are normal people and that shouldn’t surprise me. I’m not sure if many people will understand that but the people who do will agree.

Tell us about your latest release.

My latest release is ‘Lay You Down’ from my up and coming mixtape ‘Diary of Alcohol’.The song is really raw, like I don’t hold back on giving details about my life that others hide and this is going to be a common theme throughout the mixtape. Also its the first time I sang the chorus.A common question I get asked is who it’s about and that’s a hard question for me to answer. I basically based the song on meeting a girl and falling for her. only part that people don’t know is that it’s about more than 1 person, it’s parts of different relationships mixed into 1 song to tell the story of falling for someone.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring rappers/producers?

If you want to do something, you can. The only thing stopping you is yourself and I say this a lot when people tell me they want to start up making music. It’s the same as wanting to be a painter, you don’t start off good, you practise and get better till eventually people want to buy your art work from you because they like it. People say ‘aw I want to make music because i really enjoy it but i’m no good at it’ but it’s progress, you don’t wake up one day and magically be good at something. If anyone want to be a rapper, singer or producer or anything I highly suggest trying because you will never know unless you try and that’s exactly what I thought when I started and that’s what I did.

What can we expect to see from you over the next year?

Over the next year you guys are going to be seeing a lot. ‘Diary of Alcohol’ will be released as well as a few high quality music video for a couple of the songs off the mixtape. Nothing like I have released so far. Basically this mixtape is going to be the start of the artist I am and hopefully when people listen to it they can relate to it and enjoy it and that is all I want.


Check out 'Lay You Down' By Ryan HC




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Who and what is Saru G? 

I am a political/conscious rap artist. Using rap and hip-hop to expose the greed and the hate, the lies and corruption, that is rife in our world. Rooting out evil and corrupt corporations, one beat at a time.


When did you start and what inspired you to make music? 

I guess the biggest inspiration for me was my best friend Si. I like to think I have always been a socially and morally aware person, but Si introduced me to the shadow-world of how our planet is being run: Secret societies, corrupt governments and evil, power-hungry corporations. We would regularly catch up for a wine and “herbs” and talk politics and conspiracies whist sharing our mutual love for house, drum and bass and hip-hop. It was probably around mid-2010 that I suggested we release our frustrations by making our own music. Si owned a sound studio (Auckland Audio, now Envy Studios) and was forever mucking around with beats in his spare time. I always enjoyed putting words together and had been a hip-hop junkie since my youth so figured rap was the best way to express ourselves so I started writing and Si started on some beats. Our first efforts were pretty bad, but soon we got the hang of it and the result was our first track, “Trick with your life”. Sadly, Si was lost in a car accident in February 2011, so I inherited some of his recording gear and poured my emotions into my music and have never looked back.


How would you describe your music in one sentence? 

Public Enemy, Immortal Technique and Ghandi all rolled into one.


What sets you apart from other acts/groups? 

The content of my lyrics is what sets me apart from most other acts. I’m not afraid to speak out against injustices or social issues but I still try and offer positive solutions on how to make yourself and the world a better place. I vehemently avoid any music that could be considered mainstream as what I have to say is too important. I have a message that I want people to hear. Even if only one person gets it, I have made a change in the world.


Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why? 

“WAR – Not in my name”. This is a collab that I made together with Johnny Black from the USA in support of the “Not in my name” internet campaign that was created to stop the US invasion of Syria. Not only did I make the beat, but I had my amazing cousin Samantha Batchelor’s amazing voice on what I think is a beautiful hook. The lyrics say exactly what my thoughts on war are and the video – which took over 40 hours – shows scenes of war on one screen, split with images of peace on the other. It was well received all around the world and still gets views. And I like to think that since the US never invaded Syria, I had some part to play in that.



Where do you come from or what part of NZ do you represent? 

I’m certainly not your stereotypical rapper that’s for sure. I’m a middle-class white man from Birkenhead, in the North Shore of Auckland. But I am awake and aware and my music comes from the heart.


Do you produce your own beats or do you use any particular beat maker? 

Mostly I make my own beats using editing software at home. I have done a short set with a live band in Kaikoura, which was awesome and definitely something I’d love to do again.

However, I’m always on the look out for new beats and have used tracks from MC Iwi, A.Zee and TTB from Romania.


Whats your favourite and least favourite thing about Hip-Hop culture? 

It sounds funny to say, but the things I like and hate most about hip-hop are its realness and its fakeness. As far as music genres go, there is nothing like rap as a form of true lyrical expression. The formula allows you to pack in way more than any other genre and historically has always been the word of the streets. These days though, hip-hop has been hijacked and subverted by the big media companies to something fake and ugly, where guns, money and bitches are more important than making a positive social statement.

Fortunately these days, the internet has allowed a whole new rebirth of conscious rap where artists can bypass the record labels and still get their message to the world. I like to think I’m part of this revolution.


Tell us about your latest release. 

I have just released my latest track, “Changes”. 2015 has seen a lot of changes in my personal life, but also my personal growth. This song represents these changes and reinforces my thoughts that “You have to be the change that you want to see in the world”. Technically too I am really happy with the flow which is something I have been working on after seeing other rappers in the Auckland scene, but also in the battle-rap scene, where multis and cleaver word-play are the way to get noticed.


With regards to all my releases, I’m not in it for the fame or fortune. I make a track, I uploaded it straight away and make it free for download. Later, when I’ve made a video, I do the same. I don’t currently make albums as I don’t see the need at this stage. I have a message that I want people to hear and the sooner the better.


What advice would you like to give to other aspiring rappers/producers? 

Write what’s real. Write from the heart and be true yourself. That’s the main thing.


But I’ve also learnt from others, that it is a grind but that hard work pays off. Don’t be too cocky, but don’t give up. Get as much exposure as you can and practice, practice, practice. Hard work goes a long way.


What can we expect to see from you over the next year?

2015 is my year for change. I’m working hard to boost my exposure and practice my live skills but getting on the mic at open-cyphers or gigs as much as possible.


Musically, I’m really keen to work more with other artists and producers and hopefully some video producers. There is a lot you can do yourself, but so much more can be achieved when you work with others of a like mind.


So this will be a year of preparation and consolidation, the next year I take over the world!



Check out the video for 'War (Not In My Name)' by 'Saru G'



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Who and what is Matimus?
Who's Matimus?! A 20 year old youngin out the scrub tryna do this thing! Aha I wouldn't say the name "Matimus" is anything special, it's more just an extension of my own name Mat.
When did you start and what inspired you to make music?
This is actually a funny question, becoming a "rapper" was always an idle dream I had in the back of my mind since I was a kid growing up. I was always writing little throw-a-away rhymes and attempting to freestyle years before I even recorded my first track. It wasn't until around 15-16 years old where I really knuckled down and thought about the future and what life holds. So I said to myself "Who cares; we're all going to die someday, why live life normal and dwell on the what if's when you're old, I want to do what I love". Started to record in my bedroom and went from there. Influence wise? I would have to say hip-hop in general, it's been with me for as long as I can remember. Even as a youngin' I had 2 cassette tapes my whole childhood, Major Flavours Vol. 1 and The Rhythm Vol. 8, I think they pretty much set me on the path. Also shout outs to all the greats though, Biggie, Pac, Big L, Nas, Em, Bone Thugs, Wu-Tang, etc, etc, but that's just undisclosed influence for anyone isn't it aha?
How would you describe your music in one sentence?
What sets you apart from other acts/groups?
I hope it's originality. I feel like I'm the only one in New Zealand saying a lot of the stuff I talk about at times. I don't consider myself "boxed in", I'm really trying to broaden my music to not just be "only in New Zealand" but to actually be relatable for the world. At the end of the day, who knows… I'm just one of many out here grinding a lane from Aotearoa hahah.
Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?
Currently? My whole Kiwiana Lifestyle mixtape as a body of work. I made like 2 little mixtapes back in high school that got passed around when I was 17 haha, but I consider Kiwiana Lifestyle as my official debut. Just from the time and effort to create it and finally recording and producing on actual equipment. When I started out with music, I was actually recording on a broken sing-star microphone hanging upside down from a door, coat hanger pop-filter and some simple audio-cut and paste program I got free from the internet, hahaha we all gotta start somewhere, but yeah. Kiwiana Lifestyle is my most current piece/project that I am proud of.
Where do you come from or what part of NZ do you represent?
WANGANUI! Riverrr cittty! MSK! Haha.
Do you produce your own beats or do you use any particular beat maker? If you gander through my Soundcloud and YouTube you'd find some releases where I have used and produced my own beats. I wouldn't say beat making is my forte, but I do enjoy generally creating.
Whats your favourite and least favourite thing about Hip-Hop culture?
Favourite thing? The unity, the diversity of genres and sound just within hip-hop itself. Basically the whole culture. Least favourite thing? Listeners who look down upon the less lyrical rappers, mainly in the Trap genre. Who cares if whatever they're saying is simple and basic, sometimes it's just music, it isn't supposed to make sense, it's about enjoyment and how you feel. I find there are too many who are all about "This isn't real, hip-hop, this isn't real rap, blah, blah" Define "real"? Does everything have to be boom-bap 90's, politics, the struggle and clever wordplay to be classed as real? Otherwise everything would just sound the same... But you know, different ears different tastes. Your least favourite tune is someone else's favourite and vice versa. As for me, I enjoy it all, Big L to Migo's.
Tell us about your latest release.
 I don't really have much to say about Kiwiana Lifestyle as it's a year old, and I feel like I've grown a lot music wise and mentally since then. But if you're down to check it out, check it out. As of now I'm fully focused on my follow up mixtape "Class of 2012". I would say we are sitting at about 80% completion. Other than that, I've dropped 2 songs off Class of 2012 so far, "Secrets" and a video to a track called "G-Boy". I would say those are a good taste test of what's to come next.
What advice would you like to give to other aspiring rappers/producers?
I know it may sound corny and you hear this from anyone with a form of success, but honestly… believe in yourself. Back when I was a kid I used to throw off anyone who would say similar things like that. I guess as you get older and follow whatever passion you pursue, you begin to understand the concept of it all. If you're really about it, have the hunger and drive and truly believe; then these things will happen. Success isn't imminent nor easy. There isn't a school for this rap game. To be honest it's down to you and the person who you are, start self doubting and giving up on yourself and I guess it's game over before it begun.
What can we expect to see from you over the next year?
XXL FRESHMAN CLASS BABY! Haha nah, I have no idea what to expect. Anything can happen with the universe between now and then, but as for now... the release of Class of 2012 soon. New music, new videos, and shows. Where these NZ promoters at?!? Mess with the kid, you know I got it!

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Reem Nabhani & Liam Dargaville are rap duo HEAVY. Having only been together for a short time HEAVY are blazing an impressive trail, playing 2015’s Chronophonium, Laneway & Splore Festivals. They are currently following up on their 2014 release Tasty with a brand new album called Lock In.

If you took the quirky alt rap vibe of Coco Solid. The down beat slow tempo trippy feel of @peace and the marijuana-centric lyrical approach of Cyprus Hill and mixed them all together with a teaspoon of Gorillaz and a cup of untethered originality you would get something that tastes like HEAVY.

The new album has 12 songs, the majority of them around 2 minutes long. I'm in two minds about this approach. On one hand easily digestible bite sized morsels of music can work really well for rap music. But on the other hand the songs seem to be purposely avoiding any serious use of structure. I could imagine the albums short bursts of music being strung together in a live situation to make a great live set. Although I thought the songs could definitely have been developed a lot more for the album. But what it does give us is a series of taste tests of what HEAVY have to offer.

The way Reem Nabhani’s high pitched aggressive female vocals cut through the bass heavy tracks, the use of pitch shifted vocals and quirky old school video game like synth textures come together to make HEAVY’s distinct sound. Beat maker of the group Liam Dargaville and guest rapper Elvin Alfaro aka LVJ also lend a hand with the vocals and the song Goin In makes nice use of the male and female elements in a trippy @Peace like floaty chorus.

Kush Mansion featuring LVJ is the stand out track for me. Reminiscent of the group Gorillaz the two verse song has impeccable flow and feel and is the track you’ll have on repeat.

To me HEAVY are the hippies of NZ Hip-Hop. They give off a psychedelic hipster kind of vibe with their dress style and musical ambience and this alternative stance is proving alluring with audiences. I heard a couple of people mention them before I was sent the album for review including seeing them on the bill with quirky alt rapper Randa

To keep it simple. I like their sound. I like that they’re on the alternative end of the Hip-Hop spectrum. They’re definitely intriguing and I’m pretty keen to get along to a live show to check them out. If you'd also like to check them out, they have their album release tour happening this May and you can view the tour dates and cities here.

The album is for sale on Bandcamp for an amount synonymous with stoner culture $4.20. So If you’re looking for new stoner anthems this is the place to get em.


Check out Lock In by HEAVY here.






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Who and what is DFEKT?
My name is Brodie Giller, 'DFEKT' is like my alter ego, my alias. I have a graffiti alias, a rap alias, and I am also just me!

When did you start and what inspired you to make music?
I started when I was roughly 9 years old, So in 2007. I began writing these little whack line's that I thought were the best at the time. I had been listening to Eminem since i was four year's old. Outside of home, I grew up around people who were heavily influenced by Hip Hop and the 'Gangster culture'. So that influence began to rub off on me.
My main influences would have to be my experiences. What I’ve been through etc., also being part of the graffiti culture, as well as a handful of artist's, such as, Eminem, Brother ALi, Scribe, Immortal Technique, Plan B (Ben Drew), Vinnie Paz, Kerser, Cryptic Wisdom, Young Sid, N.W.A, B.I.G, 2Pac, Big L, Snak The Ripper, KRS One, 50 Cent, Coolio, and Many, Many more.
How would you describe your music in one sentence?
Old school, I love old school Hip Hop.
What sets you apart from other acts/groups?
I try to stray from New School Rap/Hip Hop. I prefer a old school grimy Boom Bap beat, with structured lyrics, and a crazy ass flow. I do Hip Hop for self-fulfillment; where as other rapper’s do it for “Bitchez and Money”. Plus! my Height, I’m 4’1. How many other emcees / performer’s say they’re 4’1?
Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?
Writer’s and Reason. Writer’s is all about graffiti. I consider it my dedication to the graffiti movement. I’m proud to be a Graff writer and proud to be part of the 2 out of 4 things within the family of Hip Hop. Graffiti helped me get through some tough times. When relationships would go astray and when my life seemed to be crumbling down around me, I would always have my Black Book, cans, and marker’s to fall back on. If it weren’t for graffiti, I wouldn’t be here. I’m proud of this song because I put a lot of work into it, and it means a lot to me.
Reason, is about my current partner who I have been with for a year now. She has been there for me and I can remember having late night conversation’s with her till three in the morning. We’ve been through a hell of a lot together, and She has been here for me for many years now and hopefully will be for years to come.
Where do you come from or what part of NZ do you represent?
I come from the “Southern most” town in NZ, which is Invercargill, or as we call it, ‘Invercali’. I represent my hood which is south city.
Do you produce your own beats or do you use any particular beat maker?
I try my best to find royalty free beats, or free beats of YouTube. I’m not very good with Fruity Loops but I’m going to teach myself.

Whats your favourite and least favourite thing about Hip-Hop culture?
My favourite thing about the Hip-Hop culture, would have to be the fact It dates back to the early 70’s, with emcee’s like Grandmaster Flash, who for the time, were coming up with crazy song’s and beat’s. My least favourite thing about the Hip-Hop culture? Lil’ Wayne and Young Thug.
Tell us about your latest release.
My latest release is my EP titled Influence. I don’t own the instrumental’s so the EP is free. I put a lot of time and work into it. Basically it’s about me getting a few things off my chest and tryna discover where I belong.

You can download my EP for Free here on band camp:

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring rappers/producers?
Keep doing what you’re doing, and keep your head up. This game isn’t easy, so don’t let anyone say you ‘can’t do it’, because they don’t know your full potential. Only you do. 

What can we expect to see from you over the next year?
A New music video, a new mix tape, collabing with many artist’s, and much, much more.

Check out DFEKT's music video for his song Equal off of the Influence album. 


DFEKT - Equal (Official Music Video) from DFEKT_Official on Vimeo.




Rei is a 21 year old Hip-Hop artist hailing from Wellington. I was first introduced to Rei through Kid N Rei and their music video for their song Bloody Sick Kids. I thought the song and music video were really cool and I've just checked out Rei's solo music and his new video for his song 'Peace Pipes' from his upcoming debut album ‘C.H.I.E.F’ dropping April 2015.

I felt that his song 'Peace Pipes' is a thoughtful self analysis of Rei's Whakapapa and genealogy and where he wants to go in his life with his musical ambitions. Basically looking back through his past to discover who he is so he can move forward through the obstacles of this very hard industry with confidence. 

It's certainly evident that Rei is a talented artist who takes what he does seriously. He produced, mixed and mastered his Kid N Rei E.P Balanced and on this new track his music video has some really cool black and white artistic imagery and is a step up in quality to the usual home made looking music videos you'd expect from an up-and-comer.

At only 21 Rei is really giving it all he's got with two music videos released for his forth coming album, not to mention the work he did with Kid n Rei. This is the level of grind needed to make it in this very competitive and ultra critical industry and I think Rei has what it takes to make it. Oh and best of all Rei uses his own very strong kiwi accent. Which gives him extra points from me.

Check out the new single Peace Pipes



Check out Reis First single Not Yet




 photo avatars-000070223550-68ajy7-t500x500_zpsb543c66a.jpg

 photo bkings_zps3d6ed09a.jpg

Church House Campfire is a 15 track Hip-Hop album by West Auckland's very own Dlar Madwar and his crew Borough Kings.

I bought this album last year at the release gig. To be honest I didn’t realise It was the release at the time. 

I’ve got a day off and I’m listening to some local Hip-Hop and I check out the song ‘You should of Paid’ on soundcloud. The hook is stuck in my head from hearing it on the intro’s to some of the 2014 ‘1 Outs Street Battle’ videos. Then I let the album roll, reminding me how great this album is.

This album is ultra musical, taking elements and samples from classics such as Neil Young's 'Heart of Gold', Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' and many others.  The hooks are huge and get you vibing. The songs are expertly crafted with the grimy street level rap lyrics from Dlar Madwar, Misk, K.D Lok,Pakkz Tha General and Jessica Violet. With production and mixing by K.D Lok, and beats by Spearman.

The lyrics contained in this album are super real, straight from the heart. I know a little bit about the members from the Auckland battle scene and I know they’re all about that life so when I hear the stories in the lyrics I know there's no bullshit in the content.

Dlar Madwar is well known as the owner of the ‘1 Outs Street Battles’ rap battle league and is one of the best battle rappers in New Zealand. Borough Kings brothers Misk and Pakkz Tha General are also legends in the New Zealand battle scene with Pakkz tha General and K.D Lok being prolific recording artists in their own right.

This album sees some of New Zealand Hip-Hops greatest talents coming together in a labor of love resulting in an amazing album.

The mix of soulful boombap and aggressive heartfelt lyrics combined with the super strong hooks in every song make this album a stand out offering to New Zealand Hip-Hop.

The album exhibits Dlar Madwar's fight between good and evil and a struggle to decide what side he truly belongs on. With Dlar and The Borough Kings exorcising their inner demons in these lyrical tales of lifes trials and tribulations.

I can safely say that Dlar and The crew belong on both sides, with good music and the most evil of rap skills.


You need to cop this album if you’re a fan of real Hip-Hop and good music.


Check out the album on soundcloud





 photo Scan5_zpsb9ac4c5f.jpeg


Lucid Hiest aka Isiah Ngawaka is a singer/rapper and producer from Hawkes Bay New Zealand who has released his debut album Absence In Motion.

I would describe Lucid Hiest’s sound as Drum 'N' Bass/Hip-Hop fusion similar in style to Salmonella Dub and Tiki Tane with a dash of Timbaland for good measure.

The album’s lyrics reflect an emotional conscience of the hardship and determination he has experienced on his journey to discover and develop his musical career.

Absence In Motion is released independently in association with  Voodoo Creation Records. The album cover shows a shirtless and ripped Isiah Ngawaka enveloped in smoke. The presentation and art work of the album look professional and the production is equally professional.

Lucid Hiest has some dope double time rap flows and a nice singing voice and on these songs he effortlessly blends the two. He produces his own beats and does an impressive job with it.

My favourite songs on the album were Party In The Bathroom which is the last song on the album. I would describe it as a House/Hip-Hop fusion club banger. I was also feeling his song Hawkes Bay which demonstrates his songwriting chops. It has a great melody, great beat and some tight double time raps.

Lucid Hiest is obviously uber talented. He writes great songs, produces, raps, sings. The guy does it all and does it all extremely well. He’s basically a one man hit machine.

Isiah Ngawaka is on the grind big time and putting his best foot forward with this impressive debut album.

Lucid Hiest is the whole package. I would be surprised If he didn’t get massive love from urban radio. If he gets in with a DJ or station willing to push him and get his songs out to the masses, we could see the rise of a brand new star.






JCK is a hot new Hip-Hop artist from New Zealand who is releasing an album called 'Land Of The Wrong White Crowd' mid 2015.

Before New Zealand gets pre-occupied with summer and holidays I would like to take this opportunity to introduce JCK to you in an "Interview With The Vampire" See video below.





Watch out for JCK's new single dropping Friday the 13th of February on the projector at Eden Bar in Auckland.

I've seen the video and I can safely say that the new single 'Tipee Tipee Taa Taa' is every kind of WTF!

Controversial to say the least. 'Tipee Tipee Taa Taa' is the first single to drop from the forthcoming Hip-Hop album 'Land of The Wrong White Crowd' by the hot new New Zealand Hip-Hop artist JCK.

The single makes fun of famous New Zealanders and the music video is like something straight out of American Horror Story. Featuring near naked models, talking Gorillas and a vampire called Jumpgeusse. Pronounced (Jumpy-Juice)

The teaser video alone has clocked up a hefty number of you tube views.


See the teaser for the forthcoming single 'Tipee Tipee Taa Taa' below.


 “ On the surface this is a Diss track. I’m being a total jealous envious Brat. Theres no two ways about it. But there are so many levels to this song. I think it’s really about me trying to come to terms with the environment I’ve found myself in over the span of my career. I think in this song I’m taking on the role of the hater to understand what makes these people tick. I would say it’s a comment on society as a whole.

JCK certainly flexes his creative muscle with this project having single handedly made the music video and single.

“I make my own music videos and produce my own music, I’m doing every role you can think of from camera man, lighting, make up, directing, producing, editing. The whole shebang. It’s all DIY, but I make it look like a million dollars”

Who is JCK making fun of?  "I can't say, all that I can say is that It could be you, It could be someone you know"......

The single is scheduled to drop on Black Friday 2015 with a release party at Eden Bar followed by The "Tipee Tipee Taa Taa" Auckland tour and just to add to this twisty tale. JCK is showcasing a lot of the album which is largely electronic based with arrangements played on acoustic guitar.


If you would like to get JCK in for a live to air or an Interview....he'd love to.

You’ll be seeing a lot of JCK in 2015 so lets make our selves acquainted.


Contact James

Locked Down And Dope Records




L.A.Z Blatant Honesty


 photo LAZ_zpsaaca4de1.jpg



L.A.Z aka Larry Fyntz, real name Laz Karaka is a NZ Hip Hop artist that stands out from the crowd for his share talent and originality. Every time I’ve seen L.A.Z, from his What Kind Of Raps You Got entry, to his One Outs Street Battles performances, he’s impressed the hell out of me.


He’s released an album this October for free download and as you might expect, it’s… guessed it….impressive as hell


Blatant Honesty is a 13 track album by L.A.Z featuring Funk Village, The Illatary with production features by L.A.Z, SickDrumz, EmBeatz and Angry Nate.


L.A.Z has a youthful voice and his rap style is nimble and fast paced. L.A.Z’s a fantastic rapper but also a talented beat maker and amazing songwriter. Every track is dripping with originality and skill. The songs sound up to date and modern and the production and beats are skilfully crafted and captivating. Most of the production is bass heavy and synth heavy. No 90’s or early naughties sounding boom bap on this one.

Stand out tracks for me are Duck My Sick, ANMFTSAU, Hone Heke, Burn This Bitch Down, and my personal favourite, No Love From You. L.A.Z sites rappers Meek Mill, YelaWolf, Hopsin, Eminem and Tech N9ne as influences and as someone who's a fan of these artists, I can confidently say, you will like this album.

I’ve seen pretty much zero publicity for Blatant Honesty, but it’s still had plenty of listens on his Soundcloud page. Which tells me he has a good amount of people who already know about Larry Flyntz skills.  Like he says on his song Motive Haters, L.A.Z is hood famous ....sooooo if you didn't you know.

This is a free album and I recommend you cop that.

Get Blatant Honesty by L.A.Z here.



Check out the music video for Duck My Sick.