The Boom Box Eulogy- Crates And Collabs

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The Boombox Eulogy is a hip hop production collective made up of Simon Townsend, Kriston Batistic and Josh Harvey.

Crates and Collabs is a 6 track E.P of Jazzy boom bap with a real nice local flavour. The album reminds me of nights at Khuja Lounge on Queen Street 10 years ago. Not saying their sound is outdated but the crew have found their sweet spott with their style of 90's inspired loungy, Jazz infused Boom Bap and are creating some superb music with it. MC Simba Diallo is the voice behind the crew. Simba an inspired lyrisist, brings some great performance heat to the project, lending the songs insight and swagger. 

Hazy Nights wins the "Hugest Hook" award with its Gang Vocals, Jazzy Motifs and swung out Hip Hop groove.

The song Born from a boombox reminded me of the hit song Groove is in the heart by swinging psychadelic freakazoidz Deee Lite with a similar Jazzy upbeat Hip-Hop energy and is the song that I could see myself freaking out on the dance floor to on a Friday night.

The songs Back to The Streets and Breathe bring a low down and dirty Gangster feel to the project, painting a picture of the streets, holding it down for the true heads out there. Although I thought Breathe had a bit of trouble with the mix and that odd timed sample kind of through me off a bit.

The whole album flows well and maintains it's upbeat atmosphere and your attention for a good 30 mins of jazzy dopeness.

I really enjoyed this album and I could picture it finding a home in hipster cafes on K Road and maybe your car stereo. It's definitely the kind of band you want to see live. The album accurately captures the huge energy coming from this talented collective and this project would be a happy companion to any respectable playlist.

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