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Three And A Half Seas & Reconstruction by Dilz

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Dilz is a rapper from New Zealand with a fresh voice on hip-hop. Working endlessly on collaborations and mixtapes from the start of his career as an amateur rapper, Dilz has grown into a professional ready to break his way into the forefront of underground hip-hop.
Dilz has 2 new projects to ad to his repertoire, his EP 'Three And A Half Seas' and his new mixtape 'Reconstruction'.

'Three and A Half Seas' sees Dilz team up with american rappers 'Kongo Madstak', 'Mr 200' and 'JSapp'. The first song on the EP after the intro is 'The Rill-Ist' a cliche Trap song about being real and getting money with a typical Trap flow with simple repetitive chants and syllables broken into triplets. The EP continues in the same vein with songs about hustling and living large never straying too far from the stereotypical. It sounds like Dilz has bought beats from Madstak studios with hooks and verses included with some space for him to spit. The production is great and Madstak, JSapp and Mr 200 have that deep Afro American voice that compliments rap so well. But Dilz has the fresh lyrics and flow. In my opinion showing up Madstak, Mr 200 and JSapp's played out Lyrics. Although Dilz has the thin white boy tone to his voice his penmanship is a lot more interesting than his american counterparts.

There's things that Madstak studio do very well on this EP though and that's production with huge beats and rappers with fantastic sounding voices. Kongo Madstaks flow is simple and hard hitting and his hooks are strong but his lyrics show little original thought. The accents and tone of Kiwi rapper Dilz and USA Kongo Madstak and guests don't really play well together in my opinion and they sound like unlikely bed fellows. For a small town white boy from Foxton NZ to team up with "'real G's'' from the states is no doubt a dream come true for Dilz and If anything this EP is a testament to Dilz giant ambitions. But these are two very different worlds colliding and Dilz sounds a little out of place in these songs. Never the less the quality of the work is far superior than most releases from underground NZ rappers and If you like your Hip-Hop formulaic and contemporary you might very well enjoy Three And A Half Seas by Dilz and Kongo.

On the other hand Dilz new Mixtape 'Reconstruction' which Is a sequel mixtape to his 2013 mixtape 'Renovation' is a little more suited to Dilz particular set of skills which Is conscious Hip-Hop with meaningful lyrics and descriptive rhyme and story telling. With 'Ill Lies of Foxton' telling a haunting tale of domestic violence.

His version of the Trap hit 'Panda' which is a tongue in cheek remake of the popular tune, sees Dilz showing us how it could be done with fast technical flows instead of the almost laughable mumbling rubbish vocals of the original. 'My Love' is a sweet love song with impressive 'Twista' like flows and the lyrics to 'Dilz Time' rips in to corny USA whiteboy rapper 'Slim Jesus' over his famous song 'Drill Time'. He also does a version of Australian rapper '360's' 'Hecktickist'. The last track on the Album 'Stan' is a remake of the famous song by 'Eminem' with a kiwi girl singing 'Didos' part and Dilz singing about his rapping inspirations. The mixtape format lets Dilz shine and as usual Dilz goes hard with his impressive rapping abilities.

Its only half way through the year and Dilz has released 3 projects all ready. Dilz obviously eats sleeps and breathes Hip-Hop and must spend a huge amount of time working on his craft to be such a prolific artist.

So check out Dilz EP 'Three And A Half Seas' and Dilz mixtape 'Reconstruction' on Bandcamp.



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